Swimming Pool

From late Spring to early Autumn, our Swimming Pool is available for private hire. This is run by our volunteer PTA members. To book the pool please visit their booking website by clicking on the link below –


Contact the school for further information on available advertising space

Please enquire – tel: 01359 270288 email: school@roughamprimary.net

April 2023

Save our swimming pool – update March 2023

Since our last update we are pleased to inform you that the following has now been completed;

  1. New patio has been laid.
  2. Heat pump electrical work completed.

Installation of the liner is in progress, and once complete, all that needs to be done is filling the pool and recommissioning the dosing system.

The total raised so far now stands at £29,792, with promises of further funds still to be received. We cannot tell you how thankful we are to all of you that have, and continue, to support us in  getting our pool back up and running. We are now looking into plans that will allow the pool to be used for longer periods of time each year which will help protect it for many years to come.

Local businesses can offer their support by purchasing advertising space. If this is something you are interested in please visit the school website for more information or contact the school directly, school@roughamprimary.net.

Save our swimming pool – update December 2022

As the end of term is drawing near we wanted to give you an update with work that has taken place on the swimming pool since September.

So far we have completed;

  1. Existing patio was cleared.
  2. Trenches excavated.
  3. Substantial reinforcement work carried out (not originally planned for)
  4. Installation of new pipework.
  5. New metal profile fitted to pool edge.
  6. Coping stones laid to pool surround.
  7. New media installed and fitted to existing filtration system.
  8. New Air Source Heat Pump installed.

Still to do;

  1. New patio to be laid (delayed due to the weather)
  2. Electrical installation for heat pump.
  3. Installation of pool liner.
  4. Fill and comission dosing system.

So far we have raised a total of £17,958 visible on the Just Giving page, plus the funds raised by Fundfest, Carwashes, Race Night which is yet to be confirmed.  This is a fantastic achievement but we need to continue with the fund raising in order to hit our target and complete the project on time.

If you have any questions regarding the project, or have information regarding possible funding opportunities please do get in touch.

Save our swimming pool

For half a century our school swimming pool has been enjoyed by our pupils and local community throughout the summer months and hundreds of children have leaned to swim there over the years.

Having not been able to use our swimming pool in 2020 due to Covid restrictions we managed to open it up again during the summer of 2021, due to substantial donations from both our parent community and PTA., so that it could be enjoyed by both our own pupils and the wider community throughout the summer season.

During this time it came to light that after being in situ at the school for approximately 50 years the pool was leaking vast amounts of water making it incredibly difficult to maintain and keep warm. Despite it’s huge popularity it is now no longer viable to have in operation this year.

Being able to ensure that all our children learn to swim as part of our curriculum, some that may otherwise not get the opportunity, is incredibly important to the school and we are determined to get the pool refurbished and back to it’s former glory so it can once again be enjoyed by anyone wishing to use it for many years to come.

The work required is extensive and includes all renewed pipework, liner, boiler, sand filter and ground work.

We desperately need to raise £50k in order to carry out the major repair work and get it up and running again.  Raising this amount of money will be challenging but with your help we will get there!

Go to Just Giving to make a donation by clicking HERE

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Contact the school to find out about sponsorship opportunities – tel: 01359 270288  email:school@roughamprimary.net


Thank you!