All our children across the school from Foundation to Year 6 are in Houses.

Our 4 House names are Sheeran, Hawking, Ennis and Dahl. The names were democratically chosen by the children after a whole school assembly and vote. The school council suggested the names should represent a famous musician, scientist, sportsperson and author.

Each house is represented by two House Captains from year 6.

All staff at the school are also in a house.


We have 4 House Trophies –


The Superstars Cup

This is presented each term to the House who receives the most Superstars during the Friday celebration assemblies. Each assembly the teachers chose two Superstars for excellent work that they have done during the week. A tally of these is kept in the hall on the Houses notice board.

The Attendance Cup

This is awarded to the House who has the most children with full attendance during the term.

The Behaviour Cup

Like the Superstars Cup this is presented each term in the Friday celebration assembly. Staff award a behaviour certificate to one child during each assembly. The certificates awarded are added up at the end of each term to determine the winning House.

Sports Cup

This is presented at the end of our Sports Day each year.


As well as all the children working hard throughout the year to help win the cups for their House we also have activities and events throughout the year to support our House system.


Art and Craft Activities

This termly event gives the children the opportunity to work with brothers, sisters and friends from all the other classes.


PTA Cake Stall

The PTA organise House cake stalls after school.  Children from each House help to make cakes for their stall and the House captains help to set up the cake stall and sell the cakes.