Year 6 Accumulator Challenge

Year 6 Accumulator Challenge!

In Year 6, we provide the children with an enterprise style task over their final year called the Accumulator Challenge.

At the start of the year, the class split into groups and are each provided with £5 seed money from the PTA. Their challenge is to grow this investment as much as they possibly can by holding fundraising events both in and outside of school to raise money for their own Leaver’s Event which they choose themselves.

This task allows the children to develop a huge range of vital skills which will help them in not only their future education journeys but beyond into their working lives. These skills include independence, communication, money-management, advertising, budgeting, investment, planning, evaluating, organisation and many more!

The task is aimed to be as child-led as possible to allow them to develop as much of these skills as possible so it is natural that it may feel slightly alien for parents and carers to find themselves slightly out of the loop- but encouraging your children to independently ask for clarification from their teacher or to contact group members to plan events themselves provides them with the opportunity to get the maximum benefit from this challenge.

That being said- I am always available to discuss any of the events or details of the challenge so please do feel free to ask!

We do, however, ask that any fundraising the children complete outside of school is supervised by an adult to ensure their safety and you may wish to supervise the use of the oven for any bake sales!

Please feel free to browse the buttons below to see how previous year groups have got on with the challenge!

Further parent guidance

As mentioned in our launch event, this challenge is designed to be as child-led as possible in order for them to maximise the skills and experience they have during this challenge.

I completely understand that this can feel a little alien to parents and you want to support them in their efforts which is fantastic! With this in mind, please do encourage them to ask me for clarification or support with their group if they need it so that they can develop their communication and organisational skills.

Also, please do not feel the need to add any of your own money to your child’s pot! They have their seed money for initial investment. I do understand that some parents do not mind lending a few extra pounds for materials which is fine as long as they are repaid from any earnings the group make! Please do not feel the need to just donate money to help them out- encourage the children to earn it as it really stimulates our young entrepreneurs!

All of this being said, I am here if you would like to discuss anything further and my door is always open.

The challenge involves a mix of school-based and out-of-school fundraising opportunities.

What events can you expect your child to take part in at school?

Typically, the first school-based event is a Christmas Fair where each group will run a stall. In addition to this, each group will have a playground slot over the year where they can run a stall during pick-up time. This year, these slots will be spread out over the school year so there is not too much fundraising going on at once for our school community.

Other than this, the children can fund raise as much or as little as they would like to outside of school but all activities must be supervised by at least one adult.

Examples of fundraising outside of school

In previous years, pupils have completed a range of fundraising activities outside of school:

  • Sponsored bike rides
  • Leaf raking and collecting in their local neighbourhood in the Autumn
  • Bake sales
  • Neighbourhood car wash
  • Car boot sales
  • Selling crafts
  • Selling Christmas decorations at local Christmas Fairs

and much more!

Challenge 22-23

This year, the children chose to visit Cambridge Aqua Park on the 7th July then visit Colchester Zoo on the 14th July before returning to school for a class camp out on the field where they also hired an inflatable bungee run and had a pool party! After dinner, they watched a movie before playing hide and seek in the dark!

Over the year, they held a Christmas Fair in school, ran stalls during their playground slots and completed various fundraising events outside of school including craft sales at the local post office and some have even took part in sponsored bike rides! !

Feel free to browse the photos on this page to get a feel for their events and achievements…